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Our line of products has been chosen to give you a wide selection of plants and other unique outdoor appointments to make your outdoor living more enjoyable.

petuniaAnnuals – Blasts of color for your containers and your landscape will be available to suit the season. Petunias, geraniums and all the other beautiful bloomers will be offered in the spring. In summer, choose from a variety of summer plants like sunflowers, zinnias and many more. Fall décor arrives in September with mums, pumpkins and gourds being the stars.

tropicalTropicals – With their bright colors, unique flowers and unusual foliage, Tropicals offer that special touch on your deck, your patio, and in containers placed throughout your landscape.
perennialPerennials – Properly selected, Perennials can give your gardens and landscape all season color. In addition, Perennials offer plants where foliage is the attraction like hostas and grasses. One of the best things about Perennials is, with a little care they return to your garden year after year.
tomatoEdible Landscaping – With the constant increase in the cost of food, growing some of your own vegetables and fruit has become increasingly popular and cost effective. In the spring we have a full line of vegetables and herbs in many different varieties and sizes. Small fruits like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and kiwi are also available. Let us help you augment your food supply.
shrubsShrubs – For screening, to line a walkway, to provide color, for sun or shade there are shrubs certain to do the job. We carry many of the old favorites and also the newest varieties as well. Our stock on hand and our resources offer you literally hundreds to choose from.

treeTrees – Shade trees, ornamental trees and fruit trees are offered in many different varieties and sizes. Let our gardeners help you select the tree that is right for your sight and your soil conditions.

garden2Gardening Supplies – We carry a full line of products and tools to meet your gardening needs. Soil amendments and mulch in both bags and bulk, fertilizers, hand tools, gloves, animal repellants and much more are included.
fire-featureFire Features – Fire features offer warmth, create interest in your landscape and can add value to your property if properly selected and installed. Fire pits, fireplaces, chimineas and other specialty pieces are all on display at our store.
water-featuresWater Features – The sound of moving water, the reflection off its surface and the attraction of birds to your yard are just some of the joys of owning a water feature. Fountains in stone or steel, bubblers, pondless waterfalls are some of the different options. Whether large or small, we can make your water feature wishes come true.
statueStatuary – Working with some of the finest local, regional and national artisans, we have a fabulous selection of lawn and landscape statuary and décor. Pieces in metal, stone, concrete, copper, bronze and other media give you a lot to choose from. Come in, pick one out and add that special personal touch to your landscape.